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BBQ.....AND SOME!!!!!

We do BBQ properly. Firstly all our meat is locally sourced and supplied by our butchers Mato's in Blandford.

As well as our regular burgers and jumbo sausages we do our speciality burgers.

You wont go home hungry!! 

Kingsbere burger locally sourced meat
Kingsbere New Yorker chicken breasy barbeque sauce
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The Kingsbere Burger

Half pound burger, double bacon and cheese with lettuce tomato onion gherkins tomato ketchup and mayonnaise.

"Can you handle a Kingsbere!?" 

The Kingsbere New Yorker

A whole large butterflied chicken breast covered with double bacon and melted grated cheese and topped off with barbecue sauce. Served with lettuce tomato and onion.

The Kingsbere Portobello Burger

Half pound burger with a large cooked portobello mushroom with caramelised onions lettuce and truffle mayonnaise in a brioche bun.

The Kingsbere Chilli Burger

Half pound chilli burger with jalapenos chilli mayonnaise and cheese served in a bun with lettuce onions and tomatoes. 

Fish and Chips Stone baked Pizzas, burgers BBQ and more!

For your Wedding,Event or special day we can provide you with quality outdoor catering.


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